Michael Beashel

Author of The Sandstone Trilogy

Promotion Success of Unbound Justice

We were keeping an eye on the Amazon ranks, during the virtual blog tour and we had a FANTASTIC result on Unbound Justice, and managed to get to #1 in a sub category, and quite high up some others.

Historical Fiction Virtual Book tour

Unbound Justice will be discussed on line between the 22 January and the 8 February 2018. Come on line and chat with me. I welcome it and look forward to it.

Here’s the link  http://hfvirtualbooktours.com/unboundjusticeblogtour/


Image for Background on Michael Beashel’s logo design

Background on Michael Beashel’s logo design

There’s a building industry context in the novels and there were predictable devices I could have used- carpenter’s tools, surveying equipment, cranes or building elements such as timber, bricks, metal etc., but I chose the divider.

It’s a tool for measuring and that’s essential in all building and in fact it can be a metaphor for a determinant of one’s life and achievements. A quantum or KPI of how one’s fared in life and love.